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Noaw NS220 Meat Slicer

Noaw NS220 Meat Slicer

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• Italian Made
• 220mm Belt Driven Meat Slicer
• 10 Amp

Brand: Roband
Product Code: NS220
Weight: 14.5 Kg
Dimensions: 590W 370H 430D mm
Power Rating: 180 Watts, 230V
Product Origin: Europe


The Noaw range of gravity feed slicers offer precision-engineered machines with forged steel blades capable of slicing a variety of foods. Italian-made, the Noaw slicers are an essential tool for cafes, restaurants, deli’s and fast food outlets.

All models are manufactured from a special anodised aluminium alloy. A robust one-piece body houses the motor and blade mechanism, providing rigidity and eliminating blade deflection during the cutting process, thus producing slices of consistent thickness. This frame also gives the added advantage of easy and safe cleaning with no crevices to harbour food particles.

With work place safety a major consideration for businesses, Noaw features the Safe Guard system to protect users from injury whilst operating and cleaning the machines. The non-removable glass-filled nylon safety blade ring ensures that cleaning is both simple and most importantly, safe.

All models are belt driven and come complete with a blade sharpener and safety cut-out switch on the blade cover.

220mm belt driven meat slicer, 10amp
Height of cut 145mm
Length of cut 220mm
Slice thickness 0 – 16mm
Motor power 180 Watts

Made in Italy.
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