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Q. How long has ERS been in business for?

A. ERS has been operating since 2000 from the Geebung area of Brisbane. Supplying many businesses Australia wide.

Q. Is everything on your website in your showroom as well?

A. Not always. We have 1000’s of product lines to choose from and it is almost impossible to have everything on display under the one roof. If you have a specific item that you would like to view, please contact us first before coming into the showroom to check if there is one available to see.

Q. Can ERS match a competitors price or beat it?

A. Yes we will always attempt to match or beat any competitors price on the same product.

Q. Do you have a showroom in Melbourne or Sydney or other states in Australia?

A. Not as yet. ERS is in the process of planning to open its next store and already has warehouse facilities in place for our Melbourne and Sydney customers.

Q. Are you open weekends?

A. No, but a committed Team Member is available Monday to Friday.

Q. Who can buy from ERS?

A. We are a business to business company therefore our products are suitable for business customers only although we realise that members of the general public will have special needs and we are happy to assist in these circumstances.


Q. Is there a minimum value to RENT ?

A. We offer two(2) models of RENTAL. 1) Our own in house RENTAL (RENT2Buy) where there is no minimum value and 2) The Silver Chef RENT-TRY-BUY option with a $2,000 minimum value.

Q. Is there a minimum term ?

A. Both RENTAL options have a minimum term of 12 Months.

Q. What happens after the minimum term ?

A. Both RENTAL models offer the same options after the minimum term. They are:

  1. Keep on RENTING and we keep reducing the buy-out price
  2. Hand the equipment back without further obligation
  3. Purchase the equipment outright and receive approx 75% off of the agreed price

Q. What happens if the equipment breaks down ?

A. This is where the RENTAL options DIFFER greatly. Our in house RENT2Buy option gives you “Lifetime Warranty Whilst Renting” (some conditions apply) but generally you will never receive a BREAKDOWN account.
The Silver Chef RENT-TRY-BUY option is covered by Manufacturers Warranty ONLY. As with equipment purchases once the WARRANTY has expired you are responsible for repair costs.

Q. How is the RENT paid ?

A. Rental payments are deducted from your nominated bank account via direct Debit

Q. Are my RENTAL payments TAX deductable ?

A. Usually RENTAL payments are 100% tax dedcutable. (Talk to your accountant for more information)

Q. How do you apply ?

A. Simple. Click here to download an application form or call one of our friendly staff to talk more about RENTING your new equipment.


Q. Can warranty be done after hours if my oven or fridge breaks down at 6.00pm or on the weekend?

A. No, all warranty claims are done Monday – Friday from 9.00am – 5.00pm when the manufacturers or suppliers are open.

Q. What do I do if I do have a problem?

A. In order to assist you efficiently, all warranty claims must have a completed claim form filled out and sent back to our office asap so they can be sent to the manufacturer of the products that need repairing. We cannot do anything to assist you without the details of your claim, so we ask that you fill the form in as promptly as possible so there are minimal delays in arranging the repair of your goods.

Q. Can I void my warranty?

A. Yes. If you misuse a product or tamper with it you can void your warranty. You can also void your warranty if you incorrectly use your product – for example: you purchase a refrigerator that can only be used in air conditioned premises however your premises are not air conditioned so the fridge cannot operate correctly therefore voiding your warranty.


Q. What payment methods are accepted?

A. You may make a payment via Cheque, Direct Deposit, Visa, MasterCard. Fees and charges apply,  2% for Visa and Mastercard.

Q. How do I place my order?

A. There are 2 options when it comes to ordering from us. You can call us and we can take your order over the phone, or you can visit our showroom and speak with one of our friendly sales representatives who can take your order details.

Q. Is everything in stock at the time of order?

A. Not always. As we buy from various manufacturers there will be times when some items are out of stock and a delay in delivery will occur.

Q. What happens if I don't need my order delivered straight away?

A. If you do not require an immediate delivery you may place your order by paying a 50% deposit and we will hold your goods for a maximum period of 6 weeks. 1-2 weeks before delivery is required you will need to notify us so that delivery can be made and final payment made prior to dispatch.

Q. Can I pick up my order?

A. If you would like to collect your order instead of having us arrange transport on your behalf, you may pick up your goods in a suitable vehicle from our warehouse at Geebung in Brisbane. Full payment is required prior to collection and you will be advised when your goods are ready to collect. You must notify us if you choose this as an option.

Q. Can I pay for my order upon delivery?

A. We are unable to offer payment upon delivery as we use 3rd party companies to deliver on our behalf all around Australia. Full payment is required before your order can be dispatched.

Q. If I change my mind or what I ordered is wrong and I change my mind can I have all my money back?

A. No. A restocking fee applies and the delivery fee and return delivery fee is also chargeable.


Q. Do I have to pay for delivery?

A. Yes. A delivery fee may apply to your order. If you are unsure please contact our Office on 1300 373 177 to obtain a quote when placing your order. Most Equipment items will incur a delivery fee however we have negotiated very competitive rates with carriers to make delivery an affordable service to all our clients.

Q. How much is delivery?

A. Delivery costs vary depending on the items you are looking to purchase and your location.

Q. Does your delivery charge include insurance automatically?

A. No. Any deliveries arranged on behalf of our clients do not have an automatic insurance cover on them. If you would like to have insurance an option and don’t already have your own, then there will be a small fee applied to your delivery charge that needs to be paid prior to dispatch. This fee is based on the total value of your goods being shipped.

Q. When will my order be dispatched?

A. Usually all orders will be dispatched within 2-4 working days from receipt of payment. This can be influenced by the location of current stock – example, You are in Brisbane and we are drawing stock from Melbourne. Or your item is being custom made to your requirements. Depending on the time of year, some periods are busier than others and some delays may occur. Please check at the time of placing your order to see how long it will take to receive your goods.

Q. Do I need to be at my business to accept delivery?

A. Yes. We do not ship goods to a location and leave them unsigned for. This is in your best interest as goods can be stolen and ERS will not take any responsibility for this. You need to ensure someone will be at the address given to us when delivery is to occur.

Q. What happens if I miss the delivery?

A. If you have been notified that your delivery will occur on a particular day. and you are not there when the truck arrives, you will be charged a redelivery fee. This must be paid before your goods will be redelivered to you or alternatively you can collect the goods from the nearest depot they are at.

Q. Can I specify a delivery time?

A. No. Deliveries are made between 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday only. Should you require a specific time please be advised that the transport companies will charge an additional fee.

Q. What happens if I miss the delivery?

A. If you have been notified that your delivery will occur on a particular day. and you are not there when the truck arrives, you will be charged a redelivery fee. This must be paid before your goods will be redelivered to you or alternatively you can collect the goods from the nearest depot they are at.

Q. Will my delivery fit when it arrives?

A. This is something that you need to measure and check carefully prior to making a purchase. If you are buying an item that is quite big you should check your door clearance and any other entrances first.

Q. Do you deliver upstairs?

A. No, not unless you have specified this at the time of placing an order as special requirements are needed when the delivery is not to kerb side or street level.

For FAQ’s on purchasing equipment please view our Terms & Conditions

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