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Millenium 24 Ice Cream Display Cabinet

Millenium 24 Ice Cream Display Cabinet

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• 2188mm wide display cabinet
• Stainless steel internal basin
• Temp. range -20°C to +2°C
• Polyurethane insulation, HFC and HCFH free

Brand: Isa
Product Code: MILLENNIUM24SP
Dimensions: 2188W 1392H 1062D mm
Power Rating: 6010 watt, 25.8A
Product Origin: Italy


The Millennium 24 is the ice cream display cabinet in which exceptional quality interacts seamlessly with an elegant design. This combination is at the heart of this model’s design: a model with a strong character that sets it apart from the other models currently available on the market. It represents yet another example of how ISA is capable of seamlessly combining high-profile technological solutions with refined aesthetics.
Technology: the powerful motors ensure excellent performance under all operating conditions. The Millennium 18 has been designed and tested according to climate class 4+, at a room temperature of 35° with 70% relative humidity. The unit’s reliability and high-quality materials ensure a perfect balance between maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption, as well as an optimal preservation for the displayed product and complete hygiene under all operating conditions. The structural technology of the inclined display surface exalts the food appeal of the ice cream on display. Design: elegant finishes, ergonomic design, multi-functionality and exceptional space optimization.

• The display surface, inclined at 6°, provides for maximum ice cream visibility.
• The internal basin is made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring maximum strength and hygiene.
• The temperature is electronically controlled and managed, allowing the user to set and maintain the desired temperature with maximum precision, thus ensuring improved preservation quality.
• Ample display capacity: capable of housing 360x165x120h or 360x250x80h five-litre containers.
• The unit comes complete with the 12+12 module, which allows for the temperature to be differentiated inside the basin itself.
• Temperature adjustment from -20°C to +2°C furnished standard.
• Environmentally friendly polyurethane insulation, HFC and HCFH free.
• The single-piece basin is injected with polyurethane foam at 50 kg/m3 for an insulation thickness of 60 mm, thus ensuring reduced dispersion and decreased operating costs.
• Pyrolytic, labyrinth-sealed, tempered glass panes to prevent the formation of condensation.
• The frontal glass can be opened and is equipped with a gas-spring servo system.
• The cabinet has been tested at +35°C with 70% relative humidity.
• CE certification for Europe and UL certification for North America.
• The condensing unit can be installed on board or in a remote location.
• Optimal price-quality ratio.
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