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Middleby Marshall TCO2114 Mighty Chef Conveyor Oven

Middleby Marshall TCO2114 Mighty Chef Conveyor Oven

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• High production 14″ belt, 22″ chamber
• Precise cook times & temperatures
• Five programmable menus
• Top and bottom temperatures are individually controlled
• Safe, cool exterior

Brand: Middleby Marshall
Product Code: TCO2114
Dimensions: 1384W 449H 559D mm
Power Rating: 5.3kW; 240V; Single Phase
Product Origin: USA


New conveyor oven with precision electronics
• High production with consistent quality
• Precise cook times and temperatures can be entered into patented MenuSelect® control
• Five (5) programmable menus, each has independent time and temperature selections.
• Electronically calibrated for accurately maintaining precise temperatures
• Top and bottom temperatures are individually controlled
• Safe, cool exterior

Conveyor ovens are designed to easily and quickly cook, bake or broil with consistent quality results. Ideal for pizza, garlic toast, cookies, sandwiches,
pretzels and much more.

General Information
The conveyor oven is designed for placement on a countertop and can be stacked up to 3 high with stacking brackets. The oven is equipped with a 14″ wide, stainless steel chain-link belt. Selecting the direction from the mechanical switch can easily reverse the belt direction. The overall dimensions are 22″W x 54.5″L x 17.6″H, including legs,
and the oven chamber is 22″W x 14.5″D x 3″H. The installed weight is 98 lbs. The oven is supplied with crumb trays, conveyor end trays and adjustable heat

The oven is constructed of welded and reinforced stainless steel. The outer case has a unique air-cooled “cool case”, patented design, that is cool-to-thetouch.

There are upper and lower independent, pre-formed tubular heaters that radiate the heat throughout the cooking chamber. Heaters are controlled by electronic thermostats. The allowable temperature range is 200°F – 599°F (93°C – 315°C), and the cook time range is 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

The oven is wired 208V or 240V, 60 Hz, 1-phase; or 230V, 50 Hz, 1-phase; or 380-400V, 50 Hz, 3-phase. See electrical information chart on back. The oven is
rated at 5.0kW on 208V, 230V and 380- 400; oven is rated 5.3kW when used on 240V. 208V and 240V ovens are
equipped with an attached 6-ft electrical cord and 6-30P NEMA plug; 230V oven is equipped with 1.8 m cord & IEC 309 plug; 380-400V ovens require field wiring.

MenuSelect® Control
The patented MenuSelect® control feature allows the operator to preset up to five (5) different times and
temperatures into the control. The control accurately executes the times and temperatures automatically, and a ready light glows when the desired temperatures are reached.

Warranted for one year covering parts and on-site labor under the “No Quibble” warranty (United States only).

Ordering Information
• 208V, 1-Phase, 50/60 Hz
• 230V, 1-Phase, 50/60 Hz (CE Version)
• 240V, 1-Phase, 50/60 Hz
• 380-400V, 3-Phase, 50 Hz (CE Version)

• T2114Stack – Stacking Bracket
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