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LUUS WL-2C Waterless Wok

LUUS ‘WL-2C’ Waterless Wok

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The cornerstone of every Asian kitchen, LUUS woks are designed to withstand the pressure of heavy usage associated with Asian-style cooking. With ongoing focus on the state of the environment, the Waterless Wok range uses 90% less water than its predecessor. This not only assists in the conservation of our water supplies, but can also save users thousands of dollars in water bills. The Luus Waterless Wok range comes standard with a knee operated timer tap and powerful chimney jet, duckbill, or dual ring burners.

• (WDH) 1200 x 850 x 1300 mm



Standard Features:
Chimney Burners powered by 24 jets at 110mj/hr (120mj/hr LPG)
Duckbill Burners – 18 jets at 99mj/hr (87mj/hr LPG)
Dual Ring Burners – 54mj/hr (56mj/hr LPG)
Flame Failure & Pilot standard with Chimney, Duckbill and Ring Burners (FFD optional extra for open burners on WL-2C2B)
Innovative ‘air gap’ and heat shield design allows excess heat to escape around ring, eliminating the need for water cooling
Knee operated timer tap activates a 15 second water flow (approximately 1.5 litres) from laundry arm minimising water wastage
Front gutter design for easier cleaning and maintenance
Heavy duty, full skirt, enamelled cast iron rings
Internal panel protects user and wok controls from heat damage
Sturdy steel frame construction for longer lasting durability
Modular design to suit multiple units of woks for a uniform kitchen
15 month parts and labour ‘Platinum Warranty’
Dimensions 1200x850x1300high
Water connection (W) 1/2” copper
Drain connection (D) 2” BSP male
Gas connection (G) 3/4” BSP male
Gas output 220mj/hr Nat, 240mj/hr LPG
Optional Extras:
Flame Failure & Pilot for open burners (WL-2C2B only)
Side shields
Clip on shelves
Joining strips and caps for multiple units
Noodle Bar Kit – for noodle takeaway set ups
Available in Natural Gas and LPG

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