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Hallde CC-32S Combi Cutter

Hallde CC-32S Combi Cutter

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• ABS machine housing, 10amp
• 2 speed 500 rpm & 1500 rpm
• Up to 2kg/minute or 80 portions/day
• Half moon feed head
• 3 Litre s/steel bowl
Hallde 3 year Parts and Labour Warranty

Brand: Hallde
Product Code: CC-32S
Weight: 8.800000000000001 Kg
Dimensions: 285W 440H 250D mm
Power Rating: Earthed, 1-phase, 10 A.
Product Origin: Europe


Small machine with potential
HALLDE’s Combi Cutter is a perfect compromise for the smaller kitchen. The CC-32S model is both a vegetable preparation machine and a vertical cutter in one machine. It’s small and compact and easy to put away and take out when you need it.

HALLDE Speed Selector
The CC-32S has two speeds, one high and one low for the vegetable preparation and the vertical cutter.

Ergonomics in all stages
The CC-32S is a table top and can be used directly on the kitchen workbench. Its pusher plate is swung up in a bow shape angle. This together with the low height makes for a better working posture.

Developed for the best hygiene
The CC-32S is manufactured solely from hygiene certified material. The machine has smooth surfaces, rounded edges and has no unnecessary recesses where food might penetrate and get stuck. For rapid cleaning, all loose components are easy to remove making the machine easy to rinse. All loose parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Only the best material
The machine base is manufactured of ABS-plastic and the machine house in aluminium. The feeder is strong polycarbonate and the bowl is stainless steel. Only top quality stainless knife steel is used to manufacture the cutters’ knife blades.

Highest possible reliability
The powerful motor is geared down and has a high torque, which makes the CC-32S exceptionally reliable – irrespective of the foods you are working with. If the motor is called on to work harder, more power is supplied to ensure even running.

• ABS machine housing, 10amp
• 2 speed 500 rpm & 1500 rpm
• Up to 2kg/minute or 80 portions/day
• Half moon feed head
• Includes vegetable preparation attachment
• Includes vertical cutter/mixer attachment with 3 litre stainless steel bowl
• Includes serrated vertical cutter/mixer blade
• 40 different discs available to suit all requirements (optional)
• 10 amp power requirement
• Other voltages/cycles available on application

Blade Packs (optional):
Blade Packs (optional):
Alacarte Pack: 2MM SLICER (85002), 4MM SLICER (85004), 4X4MM JULIENNE (85050), 2MM GRATER (85044), 4MM GRATER/SHREDDER (85040)
Professional Pack: 2MM SLICER (85002), 4MM SLICER (85004), 6MM SLICER (85006), 4X4MM JULIENNE (85050), 2MM GRATER (85044), 4MM GRATER/SHREDDER (85040)
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