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Baron Gas Pasta Cooker 9CP/G800

Baron Gas Pasta Cooker 9CP/G800

• Double well gas pasta cooker
• 2 x 40L capacity each
• Complete with water tap & spout, overflow with drain and flame failure device
• Total gas load – 120 Mj

Brand: Baron
Product Code: 9CP/G800
Dimensions: 800W 900H 900D mm
Power Rating: 120MJ
Product Origin: Italy



Baron Gas Pasta Cooker 9CP/G800
The 900 Baron line is made in compliance with strict European Standards in terms of safety, hygiene, reliability and respect for the environmental and is certified under international standards such as CE, GOST, AGA and others. Stainless steel with scotch-brite finish heightens the aesthetic appeal, and the technological and ergonomic innovation of this equipment. Thanks to great compositional flexibility, cook tops can be matched with oven bases and accessorised with hygienic finishes. Customised line-ups are possible by combining and fixing the equipment back to back, flushed sideways with perfectly sealed connections, or by creating bridge” structures, offering top solutions to any chef. Basic range features:
• 2 mm thick moulded tops;
• 2” height adjustable stainless steel feet;
• removable control panel for access, moulded and shaped to avoid withholding dirt;
• recessed, tilted and ergonomic knobs.

Pasta Cookers
Pasta cookers are remarkably versatile. Suitable for boiling water, rice, potato dumplings, filled pasta, vegetables and tubers in the best working conditions and with minimal manual effort.

Technical/Functional Characteristics
• Large capacity (42 litres) alloy AISI 316 stainless steel cooking tank with excellent corrosion resistance even at high temperatures. They are moulded with internal rounded corners for maximum hygiene and cleaning, and are equipped with wide foam expansion areas and a drain device for residue starch;
• Safety thermostat in tub to avoid dry functioning;
• Stable flame burners with pilot burner piezoelectric ignition;
• Safety valve with thermocouple and progressive adjustment of the supplied power independent for each tub.


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Dimensions 900 × 800 × 900 mm
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