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Boema Conti 2 Group ERS00246

Boema Conti 2 Group Coffee Machine

$4,700.00 $2,199.00

Stock Number: ERS00246

Brand: Boema
Product Code: BCM-102-CC-2
Serial Number: 107343
Dimensions: 704mm(w) x 500mm(d) x 240mm(h)
Weight: 58kg

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Product Description:
This robust machine is developed at a competitive price. The copper boilers are controlled by PID system and protected by element klixon.

Built-in volumetric pump
Copper boiler
Radiator hydraulic system
Electric heating only
Management of boiler heating system with PID
Volumetric dosing
2 gauges: pressure boiler and pressure pump
1 x hot water outlet and 2 x steam outputs (except one group: 1 x output hot water and steam output x 1)
Automatic boiler filling
Protection by immersion klixon safety
Tall Cup (165 mm)

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